Every day public sector leaders, clinicians/practitioners and managers are faced with different leadership challenges. 

  • Improving productivity
  • Being more efficient and effective
  • Handling increasing demand
  • Working with external and internal political pressures
  • Maintaining quality.

However, the challenges become much easier when people around you share the load within the work place. 

Making a difference

Impact, Aspire and PACE have been really privileged to work with leaders across the North West on the Pushing the Boundaries from the evaluation results we can see that participants have:

  • Flourished and grown in confidence
  • Gained insight into their strengths and increased their self-awareness
  • Adapted and flexed their leadership style and approach
  • Been promoted into new roles at senior and board level

We acknowledge that the participants on the programme have made great efforts to learn and grow.  We feel privilege to have played a small role in their leadership development journey.

Proud to be part of something bigger

In 2014, Aspire, Impact and PACE were three North West based consultancies.  We had a track record of working together and were commissioned by the NHS North West Leadership Academy to deliver an innovative leadership development programme for aspirant leaders.  Pushing the Boundaries is one of their ‘flag ship’ programmes and has recently been evaluated by an independent evaluator.

We’ve appreciated our collaborative approach and believe that collectively we have developed and delivered a programme that has had a positive impact.  We continue to learn from each other “we’re all works in progress” is our rallying cry.

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