HWB Inspiration is a joint venture of Aspire Ltd and PACE Ltd, through which we provide the tools to create an environment that encourages health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We’ve created an infographic to let you know about our product, the HWB assessment toolkit, and how it can improve your workplace. You can check it out here – HWB Assessment: Why should you invest in workplace health and wellbeing?

You can access a preview copy of our HWB Assessment Toolkit here – HWB Assessment: Toolkit Preview

Get in touch to request your free editable copy of the toolkit, and start assessing your organisational health and wellbeing today!

You can find us on social media:

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 HWB Inspiration

Aspire and PACE are two North West based organisations with an ambition to use evidence based approaches to inspire systems, organisations and teams to improve employee health and wellbeing in the work place.

This drive comes from the work we do every day, recognising that employers may need support to think about what needs to be in place to make sure that people stay healthy, well, and in work.  We want to learn from the best and share good practice, tools, and techniques that allow work places to have the right conditions to get the best from the most important asset – the people.

This cause is important at a human level in order for all of us to thrive and contribute to society.  Over the coming months, the HWB team will be publishing our experiences through blogs and case studies.  We will also be working on a range of products and services to support you, your team, and your organisation. We’ll assist you in thinking about the actions you can take to make sure that your workforce is valued and supported, whilst retaining an economic contribution to wider society.

We have completed several case studies to support this work, which you can read here:

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