Assessment – Selecting the best person for the job

People are an organisations greatest asset, yet finding the best person for a job can be a challenge. Individuals can be difficult to understand; they have different skills, motivations, attitudes and values, making it very difficult to make a decision on who to select. We know that bad recruitment decisions can be costly for your business, so assist you by making sure you are measuring the right things in the right way. We help to take the guess work out of the recruitment process by helping you identify exactly what is required for an individual to be successful in a role, and designing a selection system that will enable you to select the best people.

Individual Assessment

Whether you are using assessment tools for recruitment or development, it’s important you have someone on board who understands the most valid and reliable tools on the market today; someone who is qualified to administer an assessment tool and can offer feedback in a constructive and practical way. We can help you to choose the best assessment tools for the job, by administering and interpreting a range of personality and ability tests including:

  • Personality assessments: Hogan, OPQ, Dimensions, MBTI (development only), Baron EQi, Firo-B
  • Ability testing: Verify numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

Our team of assessment consultants are either qualified in occupational testing or have been highly trained in the assessment tools that they specialise in, making sure we give you the right people for the job too.

Competency Analysis

Competencies define what attributes you are looking for in someone to be able to fulfil their role effectively and contribute to the organisations success. Good competency frameworks signal to employees’ expected areas and levels of performance. They can underpin your whole talent management process from selecting the right people, to appraisals, to training needs, analysis, and development. Identifying accurately the competencies required for a role is critically important; if the list of competencies is wrong, people will be assessed against the wrong requirements. We can support you to develop a competency framework that is fit for purpose, taking you through a process that is robust and in line with best practice.

Assessment Centres

We know that different organisations have different sets of expertise around assessment and selection. You can draw on our expertise at any stage of the assessment process. Our approach to assessment centres covers competency analysis, design of bespoke assessment exercises, and personality and ability testing. We also offer assessor training and can manage assessment centres on your behalf. We have a vast experience of using a range of exercises within an assessment centre context including design of in-tray, group exercises, behavioural event interviews, competency based interviews, and role plays with actors.

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