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Leadership Development Programme, MSc Manufacturing Leadership,  Manufacturing Institute

Designed to develop industry leaders, the MSc in Manufacturing Leadership is delivered through the Manufacturing Institute and accredited by Lancaster University Management School.  Aspire has been working with Professor David Bamford, Course Lead for the module on Leadership for the last three years to design and facilitate two workshops on personality & leadership, and coaching & mentoring.

The workshop on personality and leadership focuses on how personality influences how we communicate, make decisions, and relate to other people, whilst raising awareness of the choices we make in terms of how we behave with other people.  The overall aim of the workshop is to enhance self awareness of personality preferences and how preferences may be exhibited in leadership behaviour.  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is used as a framework for understanding personality preferences.  Delegates have the opportunity to learn about the MBTI, understand their own preferences, and reflect on their own leadership style.  They also receive their own MBTI report at the end of the workshop. On average over the last two years this workshop has been rated 4.82 out of 5 for being informative. “Excellent. Was looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint! Very useful.”

The workshop on coaching and mentoring is designed to introduce delegates to coaching and mentoring, outline their key similarities and differences, and provide the opportunity to practice two core coaching and mentoring skills on effective questions and active listening.  The overall aim of the workshop is to enable delegates to incorporate key coaching and mentoring skills into their everyday leadership and management style.  On average over the last two years this workshop has been rated 4.78 out of 5 for being informative. “Practical sessions were useful to practice in a ‘safe’ environment – the feedback was useful.”

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Coaching Assignment

“I started my coaching sessions with Claire as a result of a major career transition which raised a number of issues and changes I was unsure how to handle at the time.  I was in the process of setting up my own business, looking at my longer term ‘life goals’ and coming to terms becoming self employed.

The primary focus of the coaching with Claire was to:

  • Increase my confidence and self belief in setting up my new venture
  • Identify my longer term business objectives
  • Clarify the offer, services and marketing strategy
  • Consider what attitudes, beliefs and behaviours I would need to change to be successful

Our coaching sessions were geared up to my coaching objectives.  Claire was fantastic at surfacing issues that I would ordinarily push to the back of my mind or avoid.  The sessions were constructive and challenging.

Coaching sessions with Claire provided me with time to reflect on the objectives I wanted to achieve, bring them together in to an action plan and then review  how far I have developed the business and my confidence.  I have since taken on a non-executive role and continue to access Claire as a coach at specific transition periods.”

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The Motor Neurone Disease Association – Strong Leadership

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University of Cumbria – Sustainable Leadership

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We were also involved in the design and delivery of:


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