Prosocial behaviour in the NHS

Interested in understanding more about the importance of values and going the extra mile in the NHS? Find out more in a new published paper on ‘Pro-social organisational behaviour of health care workers’. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(16), 3115-3130. A full version of this article can be found at Synopsis For many years some people […]

New article on high performance HRM

Great news, Dr Paula Hyde, Prof Paul Sparrow, Prof Ruth Boaden and Claire from Aspire have a recently had a paper on “High performance HRM: NHS employee perspectives”, accepted and its due to published in issue 27,3 of Journal of Health Organization and Management!

Evaluating the impact of coaching

I have recently read a couple of articles on evaluating the impact of coaching. Professor Rob Briner wrote in the BPS publication OP Matters in November about the limited evidence for the effectiveness of coaching and poses some interesting questions around the ethics of occupational psychologists doing coaching.  I am currently involved in several programmes […]

First blog on the new Aspirepod website

I have been reading alot of books recently on leadership and one which has really informed my thinking is The New Psychology of Leadership: Identify, Influence and Power by Alexander Haslam, Stephen Reicher and Michael Platow.  The basic premise is that effective leadership is all about influencing others so they are motivated to achieve goals. […]

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